It was a good idea at the time

It was a good idea at the time


Idiot Changes his own oil

Updated: Mar 23

Remember the olden days? You would open your mail get a coupon to a fine retail Lube shop “Oil and filter change $19.95!” Of course, this didn’t include any up-sells, “fluid top offs”, recycling fees and Uncle Sam must get his cut too. All in all, you’d walk outta there paying $27.36 by the end of it. We’d still complain. Truth was we didn’t know how good we had it. Average oil changes are $40 to $50 and if the car is an “import” the price shoots up to or 90 dollars. If your car is a Mercedes or a BMW prices are in mid three figure range per rumor mill. My 2017 Volkswagen GTi has this form of import affliction. My suffers from being German, I guess. Frustrated I went to a mechanic for what was a routine oil change. He proceeded to tell me they didn’t change the oil because there was a leak and the whole underside of the car is full of oil it will take $175 per hour to diagnose because it is German. What??!! I did some research and withing 10 minutes of YouTube and Googling I found that not only the so-called Synthetic oil good for 10k miles shouldn’t be kept that long because the oil becomes black after 5-7k but the oil filter (which is at the top) tends to rip right at the bottom of the mileage range. Internet posts said to clean the engine bay with a degreaser for any leaks, change the oil. To confirm this, I called the “brother of my future sister-in-law" (mouthful I know) who not only is a seasoned mechanic he also had this very car a few years ago with the same engine to confirm. He said that if there is a lot of oil on the bottom panels in the car and the oil level is good more than likely the oil dripped from the top over time and mentioned the filter and the oil interval.

Time to shop, I guess.

YouTube the process, Saw Toyotas and domestics that were more difficult. The filter is at the top and only needs a 32mm bold the plug can be removed with a Philips though they sell tools to make that process easier. So, here’s the list: (Links to Products included specific to 2015-2018 Volkswagen GTi 2.0L TSI Engines, so it may/may not apply to some Audis and VWs with this engine)

Oil (duh) in this case 5.7 Liter of Castrol 5w40 European Formula K&N Oil Filter for 2017 Volkswagen GTi Oil Plug For Volkswagen GTi / Audi A3

One Time (Universal)

Ramp Basic Car Tools and wrenches 32mm 6 point Socket Large Oil Drip Pan

Engine Degreaser for Cleaning the dirty Engine.

Steps to change the oil in 2017 Volkswagen GTi

Step 1 drive your car for 20 minutes. This will remove any debris from the engine and the oil will drip quicker. Step 2 Drive the car onto ramps make sure the front of the car sits evenly on the ramps. Step 3 Safety rock the car side to side make sure it is sitting stable. Step 4 Put a container under the oil pan, take plug out (use oil plug tool or a Philips screwdriver if need to) Step 5 Let the oil drain. After oil is drained. put new plug Step 6 Go up op use 32mm socket to remove the filter while the oil cools. Step 7 Take the old filter out of the housing put a new one in use a little of the old oil to grease bottom and put a fresh rubber gasket. Insert the cartridge with the new oil filter in. Tighten the filter housing to 19 ft-lbs using the 32mm socket. Step 8 Pour 5qt of Oil into the engine. Check the oil level with a dip stick and add accordingly with the last Quart as you won’t drain 6Quarts exactly so pour slowly and recheck the oil levels. Step 9 Pour the old oil into the empty oil bottles. You can take them to your local Car stores like AutoZone and they will recycle the old oil and filters for you.

Bonus Cleaning Oil Stains.

Spray Engine Generously all over the engine bay. Leave Degreaser on for 10 minutes or as the can directs you to wait. After 10 minutes Turn the engine on. Let it run for 2 minutes Take a hose spray it preferably, so it drains. Use air compressor or, Can of Compressed Air to move large swatches of water engine heat from the engine will take care of the rest. Best done so the dirty water can drain down somewhere.

One time cost will put you over that initial Oil change cost. However, after that in my case I will be seeing 50% cost savings from that point on. As far as the oil stains, none whatsoever. Engine has not been this clean probably since it left the factory. I continue to check it however I don’t see any more stains.

Special mentionto Lucas the aforementioned “brother of my future sister-in-law". He helped me out with this in short notice and kept this idiot calm through it all. Once your shop gets up and going, I’ll update this post with a shout out.

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