It was a good idea at the time

It was a good idea at the time


Idiot Works out at Home: Part 1

Updated: Mar 23

Setting Up

Idiot weighed 280lbs now weights 175 lbs. but still has work ahead. Any workout will take internal motivation and accountability. Without those you have had a chance in hell. Set your goals and be honest and realistic check frequently. It is best to set small attainable goals first to get traction and sense of accomplishment. Always have a goal in mind if you meet\ exceed it and if you fail to meet it to make appropriate adjustments. I used the following apps/ devices Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Bluetooth weight scale with a body fat percentage calculator, Used Centr app with mostly bodyweight exercises (low impact versions). This is now, however. To get there it took breaking it down to smaller steps.

For now, you will need these:

Fitbit or an equivalent Fitness Tracker MyFitnessPal Bluetooth Weight Scale (for weigh ins)

First step is to get a month-long base line. Eat how you are eating do the same amount of exercise or lack there of in a month. This is okay for this stage as you are recording your habits. The only thing you are changing is you are starting to record your weight on Wednesday morning when you wake up after going to the bathroom but before breakfast. Why Wednesday? If you work a Monday through Friday schedule you will be at your heaviest on Monday as people tend to pig out on a weekend and be at your lightest on Friday as people tend to watch what they eat after. Feel free to adjust to your work schedule as the “middle of the week” might be different for you. Sync your MyFitnessPal app with your Fitbit app, that way the food you eat gets logged as calories and Fitbit will tell you your calories burned vs calories consumed. For now, it is just there to get your base line. Wear your Fitbit everywhere including sleep and only take it off for showers and charging. The idea is to keep making small incremental changes from your base line and only change them if you plateau. That will be coming up in Part 2. See you in a month. Happy New Year and get to tracking.

Idiot Works out at Home : Part 2 now available.

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