Idiot Works out at Home : Part 2

Updated: Mar 23

Part 1 Recap Here.

Still here? Other than the set up I didn’t give much away other than getting a good base line. Hopefully you have done what I asked and not make a difference in your diet and exercise other than measuring and tracking. Every situation is different so I will outline what it did for me. Hopping on the “Wayback Machine” to late 2018 where things weren’t great but way better than the last few weeks, we should be asking a refund for. So onward and..... actually, lets jump back in time. Per my measurements I found to be a hefty 308 lbs.... (Yikes!) I found that my calorie intake throughout the week was all over the map. One day I ate 4500 calories a day only to follow it up with a guilt driven induced starvation at 600 calories for a few days only to repeat the process with 5000 calories. Same with my exercise, but in reverse order. I would do 120 minutes (2 hours ) of intense combination of “unguided” weight training and cardio with poor distribution only to be sore and not work out for three weeks. Long Term solution was taking it step by step.

Stabilization Phase It is a cliché to mention weight loss as a marathon not a sprint, but it is exactly true. While diet programs have their merits, I wouldn’t even begin to entertain them until you are at the 95% mark you already done everything else in their reasonable time and have already carefully ruled out all the usual suspects. Same with exercise. Your Arnold’s Blueprint \ to Cut, Jim Stopani's Shortcut to Size\Shred will have to wait a little bit here as the body has to learn or re-learn to exercise again. Plenty of shout outs to other great programs but I won’t discuss them yet. Time for some basic math. On your FitBit calculate the average number of steps, distance, floors and minutes of activity. Round those up to the nearest whole number. Congratulations, that is your daily goal to keep for your general activity level. In my case it was 6800 steps, 8 floors, 3 miles and 15 minutes of daily activity (that is activity in the burning fat zone). As far as food we are skipping macros to way late until we make significant other adjustments. So you average out what your daily calorie intake is round that down to the nearest 500 calories. So in my case it was 3758 so rounding it down to 3500 calories. Reach that level cooking your own food. Allowing yourself to have a 2-hour window in a week, preferably furthest away from your weigh in to eat like an absolute pig but after 2 hours are done that is it for the week. The way you are going to be feeling you probably won’t be eating the rest of the day and won’t want to eat that badly for a while and that is the point. Of course, continue to measure once a week taking note of weight, bf %, lean body mass measure your waist and take progress photos every week. Other than bragging to your friends, family, and strangers on social media you will have additional tracker of progress as the numbers might not show progress but the pictures might. This is especially true in later stages. For now, it is just a simple walking pace. We are only making changes if we don’t get results or get opposite results within 2 weeks straight. Also, the dial that you should adjust when that happens is calorie intake (late macro intake) then increase in excursive. Keep a two to one ratio on those. Meaning make two simple nutrition adjustments before making the adjustment in exercise. Until then don’t mess with what is already working and only change it when it isn’t anymore. More on that in Part 3.

Part 3 Out Now

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