It was a good idea at the time

It was a good idea at the time


Idiot Works out at home : Part 4

Recap to previous Parts.:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Toning \ Shredding. Basically, it is starting to get serious. Checked once a week at the same time, same circumstances to rule out error. At this point the numbers look sort of right. Set up your fist goal to lose 10lbs smashed it. Followed it by another 20, then 30 then a few more before seeing the finish line. The Finish Line however does not look at all what was anticipated. While the average clothes fit and you look good in them you are a far cry from even an average beach body. The reason for it is while you made good strides to get the bulk out this is the time to get precise. In Addition to Tracking Steps, Elevation, Distance and Calorie intake, it is time to trac Macros and add resistance exercise.


Most “Gym Bros” will stick to a Bulk cycle (Increase calorie intake) to build muscle along with lifting Heavy weights followed by a Shred Cycle (decrease calorie intake train Lighter with more repetitions). While there is nothing wrong with going with this method it leaves a lot of room for miscalculation especially in the 1st part otherwise known as dirty Bulking where people feel like they can eat whatever they want as long as long as They track their exercise. Been there done that and with Dirty Bulking at best you will look like “Big Show” Fat and Strong, at worst you will undo your results. This will require a little bit of math; it is however we worth it. Welcome to Body Recomposition concept. Or building muscles slower while trying to lose fat and lose skin. Going Over the Basics Expanding on the last statement. To achieve an efficient Body Recomposition, when tracking these Items add sufficient time for rest, as in eight hours of sleep as this can be a difference between loosing fat or losing lean muscle.

How Lean are you Currently? We established the weight goal is right but what about fat percentage? The average healthy percentage on the upper end for Men is 20% and for women it is 31%. If that is acceptable to you and you feel like you’ve met your goals, Congratulations while the weight loss journey is over keep tracking your stats and weigh yourself once a week under the same circumstances and keep doing what you are doing. If you want to reach below levels Read on.

Fitness Level Men Women

Fitness (Fit and very sustainable) 14-17% 21-24%

Athlete (Most Beach Bodies) 6-13% 12-20%

Heavily Competitive Body Builders 4-6% 8-11% (not recommended)

Based on this while Body Recomposition will happen There will be marginal fat gain or muscles loss so If you are closer to the lean goal generally (8-12% Male, 18-22% Female) you should prioritize building muscle, whereas if you are above that you should prioritize losing fat until you reach that level. Difference in increasing calories is adding 5%-25% extra versus decreasing 10-20%. Now the Macros and what are they. Macros are three classifications for your food. Protein, Carbs and Fat . See examples how they Fit in Below. Some will fit in between so best read that nutrition facts label and a Fitness Tracker or MyFitnessPal will help you with the calculation.

So that is good an all but what are the Numbers you need for your Macros? The model I use is Start with the Protein intake as that is one of the chief recovery Macro after a hard workout so adjusting it precisely is the key.

The scale for Protein I use based on the body fat numbers above is 1.2-1.6 grams of protein for every pound of lean body mass. So in My case it is Between 155 grams to 215 grams of protein. Even in the most protein dense foods that is 2 meals worth of protein difference. So closer you are to the higher fat percentage closer to the bottom number you need to be at.

Consuming Fat and getting fat is a bit of a misnomer. Fat and Carbs are a source of fuel. It is actually mismanaging certain fats and quick burning carbs that gets you into weight gain (your highly saturated fats and sugars). The number is to do at least 20% in your daily intake personally I don’t go over 35% as I prefer carbs as my fuel source but some Keto believers have flipped the fats and carbs but you have to be more precise on that one.

Carbs are easy as you just use them as filler to fill your previously established calorie goal that you are trying to maintain.

A good video to follow to further explain Body Recomposition this 2019 video from Jeff Nipard is a good guide. He does promote his program there towards the end of the video. Which brings me to the next part. Resistance Training

Resistance Exercise

Now that most of the fat is gone and you are focusing on the quality of the fat loss or building muscle this is where the training comes in. The important part here is to have a plan a training plan and work through it . When lifting weight and choosing weight it is important to choose a weight where you won’t hurt yourself but will feel exhausted after every set. When gyms open up to compete with others as you will mess yourself up (trust me on this one) . After warm up sets or warm up cardio the way you know you picked the right weight is that your muscled will heat up where they will feel like they are generating heat at the last 2-3 reps of the set and you will struggle to lift it in perfect form. Speaking of form, it is important to slowly lift and decent the weight (no jerky movements) for optimal results and not hurting yourself.

As far as how I did it. Last year around March I decided on trying to hit the gym but COVID came. Still waiting as of this writing for stuff to get back to normal and safely work out at a gym. I consider myself lucky as I was able to pick up some 10, 20lbs dumbbells for cheap in addition to a Bowflex for $80 at my local Goodwill. Now I am shredding fat and using the $80 for some of the exercises so my arms chest and legs are not too skinny. Centr app \Website Program

Saw Lord of Thunder of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a program bought a year program for $174. Still at the beginner level. lost 25lbs most of it shredded fat. His program called Centr is easy to follow and has low impact and low/no equipment options and as a Bonus you get to see Chris Hemsworth himself workout with you on some videos to prove he’s not just for show basically while you’re gasping for breath, he does the same exercises easily. The program also provides meal Ideas tips Beginner , Intermediate and Expert modes and other items like meditation every MCU hero needs to be their healthiest. Yearly Price is $174.

If you are not so lucky and can only do bodyweight exercises Athlene X xero is a popular program as it is only bodyweight exercises to get ripped and it is currently one time price of $79.95 as of this writing and includes 150+ bodyweight exercises, Meal plans and lifetime access for that one time fee. has a lot of workout plans nutrition and supplements. (Which I’ll explain in the next month). To access that they ask $3.99 a month and access to a well stacked gym is highly recommended for this one.

Shortcut to Size is popular and help you get muscular quick , not to mention Jim Stoppani is an actual Sports science doctor. Kris Gethin’s Transformation series could be a Netflix documentary as he takes you from being 230lbs fat to 190lbs muscle in his specific way but he actually goes through the journey with you including his struggles his strengths and weaknesses

Also included are articles and input from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself in his Blueprint Trainer and Blueprint to cut.

daily nutrition” . It is not a magic bullet to solve all your weight/muscle building needs. More on Supplements next month. Pick your training eat well and crush those goals!

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