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No you’re not going Senile. The author forgot to put this stuff out there on May 1st. Seeing as I am the author and run the blog my bad. I will rectify this on future releases by simply giving myself a calendar reminder.

Back on topic.

Supplementation. First and foremost, as the name implies “Supplements” are meant to supplement what you are missing from your diet or absorption. They are not a replacement for good nutrition. While they’ll help you in adding missing vitamins, macros nutrients or enhance performance in the gym most of their effect is overhyped by the gym bros. Now if you are an athlete, it is important to know what is allowed or disallowed as some supplements are classified as “Performance Enhancers” and thus not allowed in the sport you may be competing in. That’s not to say performance enhancers are steroids but they will give you minimal advantage over your colleges. Giving your standard creatine supplement. Creatine causes more water absorption into the muscle. Which causes your muscles to cool more efficiently, which then causes you to do more reps in the gym which then gives you an advantage. See what I am saying? However most important of all the Supplement industry is not enforceable by the FDA hence doing ample research. I mean way beyond this blog is highly recommended if not completely necessary. To be honest though some like Henry Cavil completely forgone supplements and he was Superman after all. With that out of the way let's get into the basic break down of supplementation. Most Gym going public when they get to this level use a Pre Workout Supplements , Post Workout Supplements, Meal Replacements/Post meal supplements. There are subtypes for Muscle Gain, Weight loss and what not. I’m focusing on performance in general ,

Pre-Workout Supplements

Ideology here is to get a “pick me up” before you start picking up heavy things. Most of them will be of a stimulant or performance enhancing (no you won’t be Superman or Incredible Hulk all of a sudden) variety. Those will include

  • Coffee (-Yes caffeine can give you that extra boost to get of your chair and put in some work at the gym, house or the office)

  • Creatine-As described before it can provide water retention causing muscle cooldown and thus a few more reps.

  • BCAAs- Or Branch Chain Amino acids, provide an instant source of fuel that is easily absorbed by the muscle as it does not seem to need conversion proving stability and easy burn off during training.

  • Pre-Workout packs. Those C4s you usually see on the shelf? Those are combined pre workout stacks that contain a source of caffeine, creatine and BCAAs they contain other supplements some common some fat burning. Those are a bit of a cookie cutter format. Could be a good start but start with very and I mean very low doses to see how your body reacts if you choose to go down that route.

Post Workout Supplements

Post Workout or Recovery Supplements are meant to give you a head start after you already did your part at the gym and “Went the Distance” to borrow a phrse from a certain Boxing Academy Award Winner from 1976. That Includes:

  • Protein (There are literally too many types to name I will name the most common types and subtypes of course as stated prior do your own research.)

  • Whey (Whey is a cheese-based byproduct and thus most common, quick absorption)

  • Concentrate – 80% Protein with the remaining 20% divided between lactose and fat. Lean Body builders may consider this one as sugar reserves are depleted after a good weightlifting session

  • Isolate- Most common type of Protein Power found on shelf and most reliable as it contains 90% protein per dose with the remaining 9% being fat and 1% sugar only.

  • Hydrolysate- That one is for those that want the most protein per dose as 99% of the dose is protein. This one is usually selected because one might want to measure their macros to a very good detail.

  • Casein- This is a denser type of protein with more significance on slower absorption to be satiated longer. Has found to best used in conjunction to post workout and meal replacement.

  • BCAAs (post work out) - Same BCAAs as before but this time they are used for quick muscle recovery\regeneration right after the workout in the locker room.

  • Glutamine-a type of amino acid (may already be include in BCAA product above) it promotes muscle repair and promotes healing outside of post workout recovery and has been used occasionally to decrease healing time on muscle injuries.

Replacements/Post meal supplements

  • Protein Bars- The ones you find on a shelf in the Supermarket

  • Vitamins \ Multi Vitamin\ Macro Supplements– Same ones you find in your local pharmacy

  • Protein Powders- Some powders can be used as meal replacements read it in detail. Most will do some kind of Whey and or Casein mix with a fruit vegetable or other food to get their daily protein up.

Having explained all that this isn’t a requirement that you use these. In fact, people don’t really spend too much of their time and money on these. Even the most hardcore of all hardcore lifters will use them only in preparation for a competition for no longer than three months. Not just for your steady performance as they won’t work as well as your body gets used to them. Your health most importantly as using them pronged can cause more harm than good. To wrap things up just like the Terminator himself said Supplements are meant to “supplement” what you don’t get in your diet\training already.

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