It was a good idea at the time

It was a good idea at the time


What Really Grinds my Gears: Health Issues.

Updated: Mar 23

Done with college. Check.Started a job on in field your major was in? Check. Car paid off , apartment. Check and Check. Few months later after some buys and savings you wake up and something doesn't feel right. Of course since you have a big boy job you don't worry since you have insurance. While premiums are an arm an a leg from your paycheck you still pay about $1000 in deductible somehow. You know because a $1000 lies on the street these days. (He says sarcastically, or maybe it does in the Hamptons).

After weighing the pros and the cons You decide to go to the emergency room. You know when it is not all "COVIDY". Whether you have cough or are shot and bleeding on the floor somehow it is still eight hours and involves a lot of paperwork before a ER doc will see you. Then along arriving in another room , short staffed nurses do 95% of the work doctor spends all of 2 minutes and 35 seconds with you. Of course the doctors, nurses and people in registration and billing are not at fault here. They are overwhelmed overworked and frankly underpaid for a lot of what they do. On the other hand the high level administrators are severely overpaid. Also like with other businesses hospitals are too top heavy. So rather than improving the facilities getting the doctors and nurses to be paid better, we pay $800 for aspiring tablet to get these fat cat bureaucrats paid. Well insurance pays but semantics, because we pay for insurance, but I digress. Not to mention the insurance industry is picky with doctors and their networks. Sometimes a out of network doctor can be in a in network hospital jacking the price up by 100% if covering it at all. You know because in a live and die situation where every minute counts for survival we have ti.e to comparison shop. Current situation absolutely sucks people are going into debt as a result of it. I think we can do better then this.

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