What Really Grinds my Gears : Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Updated: Mar 23

You know what really grinds my gears? Monday Morning Quarterbacks. I guess it is fitting considering the Superbowl. Per Urban dictionary a Monday Morning Quarterback is “a person who analyzes your mistakes, only after you’ve already made them. Derived from complaining over quarterbacks on Monday morning after the Sunday game.” The word itself has been coined initially day after the game when a quarterback made some bad calls only to evolve into different life situations. A lot of decisive decisions to be made with little or no information. Put before are two choices to make matter worse both bad in their own way. The pressure is on as there is a big deadline with this decision. So, you pick one avenue with the best hypothesis, but alas turns out to be a bad call. Then here it starts the parade of if I were in your shoes or if it was me I would blah blah blah. Sometimes there is an inner voice in your head that is the Monday Morning quarterback.

Let’s start with the basics. Was it a bad call?

Was the other option actually more enticing?

Moreover, would the 1st choice have worked if executed slightly differently?

Even if the answer is clear afterward who’s to say those experiences happen for a reason best to learn from them and not dwell on it too much. That’s what’s called experience. If some else yapps about that the answer is that they should have offered their help at the time rather than wait till you have failed.

The next steps are to roll with the punches. As bad as things are as long as the earth is spinning there is work to be done. People have been coming back from worse. Let the bad day end as a lesson and don’t take it home with you. Next day is going to be better and you can begin to recover.

Clearly this is meant to silence your own inner MMQB. Most MMQBs that are walking and talking to about your decisions could be silenced much easier.

-If I were you...

-You’re not.

-If I were in your shoes...

-They wouldn’t fit.

Probably best avoid being short with people if not an outright A-hole. Key is to be direct and end the conversation promptly and politely. Explain the fact that if they have experience in this field you will reach out to them but they need to make themselves available as well.

Ultimately Key here is to have focus, own your mistakes. Fight arrogance, it is always easier to make decisions in hindsight and when we’re not the ones at risk. Just like the big game it is won and lost on the field, not on the sidelines.

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