What Really Grinds my Gears : Snow Removal Mobilization

Updated: Mar 23

bviously, a Winter Special for Winter Weather. Those in the tropics will probably find this curiously amusing. Snow plow drivers are not at fault here. They are at the mercy of when the boss schedules them, yet they get the most unjust blame. This here rant is directed at all the self-important pencil pushers who care a little too much about inflated margins and too little about the output. To those I reserve a special disdain. Not only do they push unpopular practices, but they also cower when confronted about it. Leaving their deputies to face the hard questions and reviews. That is however material for another segment in this series. The allocation for snow removal is downright horrible. This is not a freak snowstorm in Miami Beach. This is year after year, at around the same time of the year in the places where the intersecting weather systems and cold temperatures will always occur. With that, snow should be cleared at the very least on most major State Roads and Highways (Motorways if across the pond), before rush hour and if overwhelmed the toll system should be shut off until the “obstructions” are cleared.

Should be cleared before rush hour. Snowstorm forecasts warn the general public way in advance through National Weather Service where your local news station’s meteorologists get their weather models. Most as much as a week in advance. The only time where this isn’t feasible is if the snowstorm starts very shortly before rush hour.

At the very least clear the interstates and state roads. Specially if it snows close to rush hour no one expects to have every side street swept out nicely. Interstates and state roads? These are the lifeblood of our international society now. Especially in the climate as of this writing. When it snows three hours before rush hour those main arteries that connect our great cities should be cleared out.

Turn off Tolls if you fail to clear snow on tollways. If it’s the first major snowstorm of the season. Perhaps preparations have been lacking and six inches of snow lays on various cements and busy asphalts of our civilization. At the very least tolls should be suspended on “rapid toll roads”. If they are not clear they are no longer rapid and hence don’t warrant an extra charge. Nothing screams more of a slap in the face than running into a massive traffic because the “Express paid road “wasn’t cleared and charge someone for its “use”, using that term loosely.

While snow generally “Grinds my Gears” outside of December 24th and 25th, the poor handling of snow plow deployment irritates me more. With simple adjustments like prioritizing main roads/highways, deploying with focus on rush hour traffic and turning off tolls on uncleared tollways we can survive with a little less misery until March 21st. After all we have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

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